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    AWWWW! YOur alone weekend! it sounded so sad! im glad the boys got home to liven the place up! LOL I hope you got some "quiet" rest, you DESERVE that and NEED it! I hope your spirits are UP and hope to chat soon!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
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    I wrote you. PM.Another way to find it is though, Quiclk Links, then click today's post. It shoud be there. Did your Men folks have a good trip. I know you missed them.
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    Hi Beckey...thinking of you today and have been this weekend. I hope you didn't get too lonely without the camping fun. What time will you son and husband be home today? Did you get to do anything fun for you? Sure hope u get your fun camping trip to look forward to. hugs...Lori
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    WOO HOO to the BECKEY ROAR!!! YOu are STRONG my friend!!!!! Hope you are well Beckey! Hope you are having a good weekend too!!!! Im not on for too long cuz im sick with the flu or a sinus infection and of course flareing BAD on top of it! UGH! Im fighting the fight though!!!!! Please take care of YOU Beckey and im here for you!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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    Hi Beckey!! Yeah, its an adjustment to our lives, this disease, and it can be harder some days than others. I still have my moments where i cry, its good to do it when you feel the need though. You HAVE to allow yourself to cry when you need to, as long as you get past that moment and remember that YOU ARE STRONG and do whats in your power to make your life better for yourself. Whats not in your power to change or work on, well, just tell yourself, "i will be ok". YOU ARE BECKEY< HEAR YOU ROAR!!!!!!! LOL I hope you are feeling ok today and have a GREAT weekend dear Beckey. You're in my heart and my thoughtsXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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    Just checking up on you feeling today? Oh i love the little dog....sending you hugs and love and know ....we are all here for ya.....xxxxxx
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    Hi Beckey!!! I really hope you are feeling ok. You make me sad cuz you feel so ooky alot. Im sorry you have to deal with this hun. Just know that i and the others are HERE FOR YOU when you need us! Please dont hesitate to PM me if you need to get deep! Please get the rest you NEED and DESERVE. Gentle hugs my friendXXXXXXX
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    I will write you in a little while. I'm cleaning the litter box. yuk. My cats not happy that I'm behind. I'm outside with the hose. I can clean it better since it's warm now. Sorry about you and your husband. We all complain here. You can too !!!! But We have fun too !!! Join in the treads. Your will see how much we complain here.
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    Just wanted to pop in and say HI BECKEY!!!! I hope you are well and please take care of yourself! HUGS to YOUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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    Hope your having a great day !!!! hugs And had plenty of rest.
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About Beckey Lapp
I have a wonderful husband and one son. I have 5 spoiled dogs. We own our own business.
Grants Pass, Oregon
I'm a rock hound and am currently trying to find hobbies I can do now.


There is good in all things, no matter how bad they seem, we just need to open our eyes and hearts to find it.



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Alone again

by Beckey Lapp on 05-17-2009 at 08:52 AM
Well my family (except me) has gone camping. I try to put on a brave face as they leave. The fact is I don't like being left alone. There is the whole aspect of not being able to do what I used to be able to do. Then there is the other side the fact that I am afraid to be left alone. The only thing that keeps me sane is my dogs. You see I have been the victim of a violent crime twice. Once on the streets as a teenage runaway and once in my own home when I lived by myself. At 16 I was held in bondage

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by Beckey Lapp on 05-11-2009 at 01:04 AM
Why is it that I can't get through not even one holiday without ending up in bed? I know it is the stress but I thought Mother's Day was different. It was all low keyed we just went out to lunch with my in-laws. Then we went shopping at a store that is closing and then my husband had a job to do at Wal Mart. Maybe it was the stress, maybe I did too much, maybe it was the heat, I don't know! I am just so irratated that something so small can put me right back in bed!!!!!!!!

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So many diagnosis

by Beckey Lapp on 05-09-2009 at 08:27 PM
Lupus is only one of my diagnosises. I also have fibromyagia, arthritis and some as yet diagnosis to come. Eights weeks ago my knee started bothering me so much I could not go down stairs right. I had to hold on and go down sideways leading with the knee that didn't hurt so bad. It popped and made a grinding sound, when I told the doctors they all told me I need to lose weight (which is true) but I knew that wasn't the cause. The same thing happens to both knees when I've been taken off my

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New to this all

by Beckey Lapp on 05-08-2009 at 05:33 PM
I am not to sure what I'm doing on this website so I will just wing it. I was so sick two days ago and was so scared . I started feeling better, at least out of bed, only lots of rests. Today I started getting really bad bad chest pains and now I'm all freaked out again. Does anyone know how to stop from being panicked? I just wish I knew how to handle all of this. The doctors don't even know totally what's wrong with me. I just don't have anyone to really talk to, my family

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