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    It's alright. Looks like I'm late again I'm hoping to get to the gym at my school before classes start so I can lose some weight and look good in my new clothes (well, the shirts I got for NJ and NY anyway). I can go for free, but my mom won't stop complaining that I need a job and my liscence. Can't she just wait until I get my scholarship money?! Hoping to get a job through the school since it's limited walking and 'stuff'. Have to go listen to music again today.....I'm getting seriously sick of these songs. Sorry for complaining v.v Anyway, happy to hear you're feeling better. For the past two days my leg muscles have been aching and I doubt it had anything to do with shaving lol. Will take a look at your pictures now. Looking forward to them!
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    XD I just meant that it would be nice if it did. Well, you can mentally throttle the genes that cause it. That's more realistic ;P After all, it still is a part of you. But yeah, my mom always says "we need to eat better" then goes and buys not so healthy foods. Now though, we're eating better but my mom keeps saying "you need to lose weight". She says it to both me and my dad. I'm always thinking "you say that, but you're bigger than me". Obviously, I'm not going to say that to her lol.
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    Oh geeze! I hate that! especially when you have things that need to get done. Hasn't anyone told you to stop getting flares? :3 Just kidding! Makes you wish that Lupus had a physical form that you could throttle without hurting yourself or others lol. My mom put every one on her diet so not only should I lose weight, but maybe my dizzyness/blackouts will stop too. Keeping fingures crossed. Hope you get some relief.
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    Yeah, I have no energy today. I was awake to take my grandma to listen to music for about 2 1/2 hours and when I got home, I went back to bed. Skipped lunch/dinner. Sorry you've been feeling the same, plus more. Maybe a cold is running around since even my mom feels similar. Yuck! You're right, it is a good car, and at least you have your own car and don't have to share lol. I have to get my actual liscence soon so that I don't have to take the written test again. Not to mention that I'll need a ride at 7:30 in the morning on saturdays. Going to see if I can get more sleep.

    I had a great trip, but today I came to the realization that I'm home again and therefore have to listen to my grandma's stories again -_-
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    XD Happy to hear you have gotten more sleep with some exceptions, and that you are ready for college. Personally, college has been the best part of school after Pre-K through 1st grade What kind of car do you have? Me and my dad share a toyota truck. Don't remember the year though lol. Will have to get my liscence before school starts (I've been using my permit since I got it lol) since I'll have to do some traveling for my saturday class.

    NJ was tons of fun. Helped change and feed my niece, got tons of pictures that I have to post, and lots of souvenires. I'll tell you more later, but right now I've either got a cold or allergies. Runny but stuffy nose and my right ear feels like a cotton ball has been shoved into it. No fever or headache, so I hope just allergies. Of course there is nothing to take for the ear, and not much to do about the nose, but as long as I've got napkins at the ready, I should be find XP
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    I just replied to your post, hopefully you will understand, if not, just come over here and give me a big THUMP!!!!
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    Hi Ritzbit - if you want to crawl under a rock, make sure you have a really BIG SOFT cushion you could curl up with a snuggly blankie. Don’t forget lots of water, and a few of your favourite fruit snacks. Sleep away my girl, and come out when you are rested. Oh, and I forgot to tell you to take your teddy with you, he will be lonely stuck at home on his own!
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    How are you? Hope you're feeling better and that you've been able to sleep. I would have gone to see a doctor if I couldn't sleep for 2 or 3 nights. Especially since lack of sleep can make things a lot worse. I got back on the 19th, but got internet back on the 20th. It wasn't working most of my stay in NJ, so I couldn't write to you. I had it for a few days and then it stopped. I don't remmember how, so I hope I don't have to do it again, but I managed to get my internet back. I'm sorry yet again. It seems that all I've been doing lately is appologizing to you Since it's 6am here, I'm going to bed again, but I'll write again soon.
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    the only thing stopping you is..............

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    we definatelly are far from rich.
    the good thing about this land, is it has good pasture, so we dont have to feed our horses.
    we are breeding them, so we can make a little money.
    and we love the foals lol.

    you might have to come over for a holiday, during school break.
    now you are a serious university girl lol.
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