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    thanks Ritzbit!
    Glad there wasn't anything wrong with the lumps as well. As for you...congrats on the weight loss and I am sure they are going to find out more about your stomach issues. I don't think it is anything major.

    have a great day!
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    Hey Ritzbit!
    Glad you had a good and much deserved weekend! As for me I just saw my therapist and went to the gym sat. I haven't lost any lbs more inches and not sure how many. Didn't go to the gym Sun/Mon took those days off. Will be there tonight although I am so so so tired. I went to the doctor yesterday to have to lumps on my left armpit looked at and they are my lympth nodes associated with Lupus. One the size of a pea the other the size of a grape. Not cancerous which is a blessing but I did get 2 steriod shots in each...not my fav spot to have a shot...hurt like I can't explain but I am okay! Still working on cardio/fitness. Hope your school day and friends are better!
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    haha honestly, i didn't even know what lupus was til i was told i had it ! its crazy tho. like looking at the statistics of who has it, we don't really fit in the catagory!
    ...figures its just my luck i would end up with this.
    whats your like ''lupus story'' ?
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    i just read one of your posts... and it says that your 16 ?? omgg so am i!!! i didn't think there was anybody my age going through this !!
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    awh i hope everything works out in the end ! :]
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    pretty good! how about yourself?
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    hi just stopping by to say hello and introduce myself ... i'm ashley :]
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    Good For you! That is the spirit. Stay busy but don't push yourself! Listen to your body! A movie sounds good and just what you need along with all the other activities. Your going to have a LUPUS/PAIN free weekend! I just know it. Well, I guess I am about to do some work before 5:30 hits. I am hoping my car stops at the gym today and doesn't drive by it. I am pushing myself to be fit/healthy and look GREAT!
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    Yes...get outta the house and go do something fun! Just don't push your body! You need an outting! Please find a cure I believe you can and will do it with the help of your sisters! I believe in you! I know it sucks when we think its a different day. More than that the bed only feels so good during the week never on the least for me!
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    Hey Girl! HOw are you doing? I hope your mood/attitude is better and you are adjusting. if nothing else...SMILE cause its FRIDAY-weekend is here! Don't cry for me argentina...MY knees are so much better but I still don't go up or down stairs. Could careless what anyone thinks. I take the elevator up & Down going to& from the gym as well. Yep, lottery here I come! I can't wait to win. I am going to quit my job and work part time at either a Lupus foundation or cancer facility. Just want to be supportive to others who suffer & go through what we do! U are doing well going up & down stairs. I would have camped out on the couch in the living room! As for other guys, yeah i have found a few but I am still not ready to be in a relationship just yet as you know I HATE MEN! BUT I LOVE EM!
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October 8, 1992 (24)
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Im 19 and was officially diagnosed with SLE in July 2009.
Taking pictures. Im a total book geek =D
School has taken over my life.


"A bad cold wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the advice of our friends."~ Kin Hubbard

Diagnosed: SLE, Raynauds, InterstitialLung Disease, GERD, Myositis, Vasculitis, Possible Sjogrens.
Medications: 400mg Plaquenil, 2000mg Cellcept, 10mg Norvasc, Nitroglycerin Patch, 20mg Prilosec, 10mg Flexeril, 4mg Medrol, 81mg Asprin.


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