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    Hello to you and hope you are feeling a bit better.What you been up too? Ive been in hospital so ive not been here...but was always thinking of you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    I am so sorry your stomach is still bothering you. I really want you to be and do well. They have got to find out what is wrong and sooner than later. Yes bad days do suck. I have been having a bad day all week long. I am just looking forward to next week! Thanks for the well wishes and I do hope all is well with your family. Please keep me posted and like I said I am always here to listen to you.
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    How are you doing today? Sorry to hear about your mom/family. I know it does seem like when it rains it pours but it will all pass. I have my moments/days and today is one of them but I am trying to pull it together. So the weekend is here again and I just know you have fun plans to go out with your friends! Keep me posted on your stomach/family issues and as always I am here to chat with you! Have a wonderful weekend.
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    How are you today. what did the docs say? hope it was good, talk to you soon.
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    Hey Girl!
    I wasn't embarrassed...I thought it was funny! It went down completely and NO MORE GUM FOR ME!!!LMAO!I didn't work out yesterday as my armpit was hurting, foot hurting, and I was just way too tired. I dunno if I am going today. I do hope your doctors appt. goes well and you get the answers you need! Let me know how it goes!
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    i'll send it in a private message. cuz its pretty long. haha
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    My lip went down still a little full at the bottom but not like how it was...Yes it was funny and embarrassing. Look like I had gotten slapped silly in my lip! Work out other than biting my lip was okay. I tried to take it easy and not push too hard. I dunno if i am going today as I am a little tired today. We will see. Yes your a teenager but your right about the bruises. Don't allow your parents or doctors to brush off what might/could be something serious because of your age. Remind them that you know your body and these bruises have been there longer than they should. As for you walking...walking is good but try not to push yourself. As I was told...listen to your body and be careful not to push it too much even when your feeling great. My work day is half way over and I can't wait to get out of here today. Where is 5:30 when you need it!
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    Awww...I know that sucks. To be so young and forgetful. I think it is strange even at 35 cause I had a great memory prior to lupus. Now I can barely remember my address sometimes. I really have to think about it. I worked out yesterday and I am so tired. I was chewing gum while working out and I bit the HECK out of my lip. I sucked on it to help with the pain and that made my lip ballon up. I was looking like the Clumps...remember Eddie Murphy's The Nutty Professor when his body would plump up...that was my lip. It went down some this morning but I still look like I had a botox injection in the right lower lip...ALL WRONG! Yes, Lupus will make your body do some crazy looking things. If you have had bruises that long you need to tell your doctor as this might be someting else. My scars/bruises last about a month. I just try to be careful about bumping into things etc.
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    Yes that is very exciting when your not in pain anymore or it subsides! I have to say I bruise easily and both bruises and sores/scrapes/paper cuts take twice as long to heal as the use to before I was diagnosed and put on all this medicine. OMG I just had a brain fog/fart.I Couldn't remember how to spell medicine...LOL. That is another thing. You or maybe not but I forget things very easily or can't remember things. I have almost turned into my mom and grandmother with not remembering things. SIGN O the TIMES
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    You are going to be just fine. Remember no stressing as stress feeds Lupus. Try to keep busy and when your results are in they will call you. You are going to be just fine and thank you for the well wishes about my pit...LOL...armpit. I have to be careful when I shave as I cut myself yesterday and I got blood on my shirt. Oh yeah, that is another thing, we (lupus cases) take longer to heal when we get a cut or bruise. I think it is the prednisone...Yep, it all sucks!
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