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    I Posted a song/thread for you in Lauries Lounge. From me to you...
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    I'm so happy for you! *hugs, hugs, hugs* Wish I could bring you to the movies or something to congratulate you, but the hugs are going to have to do lol.

    It's on the 28th. I'm really excited about being 20, but last night my friend cheerfully said, "I can't wait 'till December!". She turns 21, and I'll be hearing her gloat until next year lol. My mom was released yesterday sometime after 2pm. Tomorrow, my dad is going to take my mom to a friends place for dinner and a movie, so I have to watch my grandma. My grandma did another hypochondriac moment, at which point me and my dad whispered jokes at each other. I think I'm just going to throw on a movie for her and look at the tax prices in Alabama. My mom said she was seriously looking at my uncles vacation house up there. He offered to trade our house here for his up there. I really want to go! lol.
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    Oh wow! its nice to speak to someone my age!! when were you diagnosed? Tell me a bit about yourself and thank you x
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    They have to wait for her blood to stablize, but she's doing well. Thankfully, there is no permanent damage. She needs to be put on permanent medication along with often hospital visits to make sure her blood stays stabalized. There is something genetic that's been causing her strokes, but smoking doesn't help. I'm getting tired of thinking "Maybe tomorrow", so now I'm hoping she's home by next saturday. I don't want to spend my birthday in the hospital lol.

    BTW, you are so lucky you don't live with my grandmother. She's a hypocondriac x100. The other day she randomly said that maybe she has what my mom does. I swear I'm going to make a song about it lol. We were talking about microwaves and she said that she thinks that they caused her emphazima. We had to take it to a restaurant for my aunt's b-day party. Took 5 minutes today to explain why we had to wash out the food processor, and she still didn't get it. I had to pretend to check out the food, so that I could go laugh.
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    Yeah, but the last day is also a new beginning. I love the last week because...well...It's the last week that you'll be there lol. Count them as really special days. Most people won't see it for anouther 10-20 years or ever again. Besides, now you get to look back at all of the things that happened in High School and be a proud graduate. From my point of view, it's definitly worth it. Especially the memories of the wierd /and funny things that my friends and I did or planned to do but never did. Best part? No more homework! (until college lol)

    I'm tired too. My mom had a stroke Monday and I've spent most of the last 2 days with her in the hospital. If she's there tomorrow, I get to stay with her. At least at the hospital, we get time together and also get a break from my grandma. Makes me feel bad for my dad though. As long as she's taken care of is all that counts though. She was nearly released today, but her levels were off, so she had to stay again. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.
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    Hi, yep the weather is always weird here in Texas, but warm today with a breeze. Summer is going to be very HOT here in TX. Looking to stay indoors b/c the sun is not that great for me. Plus I hate the hot weather.:P

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    I was always a slow grower. I was the nearly the same height for 5 years. Growth spurt hit, my chest grew, sad stretch marks, and it all stopped. Had to go get an x-ray after falling down the stairs at school around junior year. The nurse said that nothing was wrong, but that growth plates were nearly closed, so I shouldn't expect to get any taller. Looks more like I shrunk 1/2 an inch rather than grow it lol.

    lol. Makes you wish you could saftely skip. But at least you don't have to worry about any more exams or homework. Better boring than busy
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    Thank you for befriending me. Hope you had a great weekend. How's Kentucky ritzbit?
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    Sry, swam for about an hour, ate dinner, had to run errands, swam again (at about 1:30-2am), then took a nice hot shower. Finished everything at about 3:15 am. Much longer than the 1/2 hour time frame I was expecting lol.

    I was XD. I was so dissapointed about my height since I feel so short. I keep getting bruises from reaching for things in the back of the cabinets. my mom was with me and she's like "awww, you're so short. It's cute". I was so embarassed. When we got home she told my dad I was 5'3, so I had to butt in with the 1/2 inch. my mom said "you seem a bit sensitive about your height" so I said "I'm short, I can afford to be picky about something like that" lol. They both laughed.
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    They didn't say. it's a single line from knee to center of foot almost straight down. Having problems walking on right leg (rash is on left). I'll be back a little later. Probably 1/2 hour, going swimming in neighbors pool. Sorry to hear you have it too, but happy I'm not alone. Sorry lol. btw, I got dissapointing news. I'm onlr 5 foot 3.5 inches. thought I was 5'4 lol
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