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    Like i said earlier i love days like today, u just cant take for granted all those other ppl who are homeless etc, when we are in the nice warm house watching the pouring rain and gale force winds outside it was soo lovely, and yeah mj was happy and relaxed singing to me on command lol u both made my day, apart from my arms being dead from the flu shots lol...however the swine flu shot was more painful than the other one xxx
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    See your playing games aswell...i had such an amazin time with you today....was really good to see you and mj love you xxx
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    Yeaqh it took me ages to get on here via my blackberry lol...hope you and our boys are having fun, look forward to seeing you ans shaneo friday...increase the peace button head...lots of love me xxx
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    Oh a mass pillow fight sounds fab im glad they all enjoyed it.Hope you all have a great weekend.Love Amanda.xx
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    Thinking of you all and hope MJ's peg gets sorted soon so he can have some peace.xxxx
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    Yoohoo how you doing?Feeling better after the other day..hope so.Love Amanda.xxxx
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    That's so cool, with the music and hands on the speakers. I'd love to share some of my fav music with you that way. Good to hear from you today. Did you and Jane have a nice day together yesterday? You both deserve it. Just wondering, did u notice the poem my sister wrote for me...on my visitor message, right below what u wrote me? If not, you should check it out. She's always had a talent for writing poetry like that...since we were kids. Hope you and the boys are having a great day....or had a great's always evening for u, when I'm just dragging my butt out of bed. lol

    Love good! Lori
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    I'm good today. How about you? Lori is my only sister. We also have one brother. Soooo, you're sneaky baby sister hmmm? lol
    Enjoy your day.
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    Lori wrote:
    "She's my best friend...can't believe we used to fight over clothes and boys. lol"

    Let me tell you a little story about fighting over clothes and

    When we were teens my younger sister started dating before me. She had ALL the dates. I would be home on a weekend without any boys calling and she would have five guys call and ask her out for the Great for my ego, that was. And then when I was dating and had a boyfriend who I saw on a regular basis....he and I were talking one night. The conversation went something like (in a joking sort of way)...if you could date anyone right now...who would it be? I thought for a moment and said some guy's name that I thought was kinda cool. Then when it was my supposed boyfriend's turn to tell me who he wanted to date...he said: LORI!!?!?!? (continued)
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    Needless, to say that was the end of my boyfriend and I was pissed. But when I told Lori...she said she would never date him and we sisters stuck by each other. I will always remember that. I actually can't remember fighting over any guys. Mostly, it was me being jealous that SHE had all the

    As for fighting over clothes...oh my gosh!! She would go to school an hour earlier than me cuz I couldn't and wouldn't and refused to go to first period (too early in the morning). Because she had lots cooler clothes than me...I would sometimes sneak and wear something of Lori's to school. Sometimes she would see me at school and find out and was PISSED with me. Then that little stinker tricked me and scotch taped her closet doors together so she would know when she got home if I opened her closet doors (if the tape was broken) Yep, we were not always so loving and nice to each other...but it's funny now.

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