Plenty To Do

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Even though I'm home by myself most of the time... I never run out of things to do... Its not what I always want to do... Most of the time, I let go of what needs to be done to do something fun... Then everything piles up... Today was one of those days!!!

It was so nice outside today... And it hasn't been in a long time...

I decided I would go out and sit in my garage so, I could be outside without being in the sun...

I put my harness on my cat... (isn't that awful. neighbor hates cats) Got my laptop... And we sat out there for 4 hours. I was so nice!!!
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Im glad you and your lovely cat had a nice time.2 fingers u to your neighbour, some people are just miserable for the hell of it. Hope you have many more sunny days.xxx
  2. wrightrs's Avatar
    Angel,Thanks for the two fingers to my neighbor. One of my neighbor's cats just got his eye shot out. I want to move.