In My Prison

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I have not had my own car in almost two years. When my husband car stopped running. He told me to wait a couple month,and he would get me a car... Then had to find people to take me every where I needed to go. I hate that so, I only get someone when I need to go to the my doctors...Now with the economy.Cut backs at my husbands job. Health insurance cost going up,medical bills etc. I feel like I will never get a car... Sometime I think my husband doesn't want me to have a car. He like that he doesnt have that expense. Or I feel he's controlling me by stopping me from going anywhere...Anyway I just sit here in my prison. Feeling that my only escape is my computer.
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    I know about the econy n stuff but id tell your husband CONSTANTLY you need one.Just a cheap run around will do! If you have any thought he's trying to 'control' yu put a stop to it now.Tell him daily you NEED a car! Then do it twice a day, then tell him 3 times a day.Do it until he's sick of hearing about how you need that car! Make sure you get one soon.xxxxxx
  2. Julie46's Avatar
    I've been without a car since early January, I went off work with a Lupus flare and was off for 3 months, my car burned (self combusted during a minus 40 spell). We just bought another vehicle a few weeks ago, I had to fight with my husband to get 1, so I pretty much did it without him. So car shop and just do it, he'll get over it. Mind u many days he has to drive me because I feel to ill, go to pass out sometime while driving. But I'm driving again and no longer feel imprisonned. Good luck!!!!!
  3. wrightrs's Avatar
    Julie 46, thanks for the advise. Still don't have a car yet. I guess it will still be a while they just cut everybody's pay at his job.

    Be very careful driving. Passing out so dangerous