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I was living in TN when I my dr. informed me that Lupus was why I was hurting so bad, that was 17 yrs. ago. I was really sick & tired of hurting all winter (TN is cold in winter), my bones hurt so bad I would just want to scream & cry so I got the great idea to move south (Florida) with the hopes that my bones would not hurt because FL is sunny & warm. As we know sun is suppose to be bad for us but I ask why does the sun make me feel so good? So we moved & have lived here for 10 yrs & no, my bones don't hurt as bad, not like there but I've got a major problem: my husband hates it here & it is taking a toll on me, the stress of his unhappiness is not good for me or us, the strain is bad & I don't know what to do. I can stay here & watch my husband be unhappy & risk that splitting us up or I can suck it up & move back to TN so he can be happy. How unfair is this situation? Can anyone help me? Please advise needed. Thank you
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  1. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    oh tam1394

    what a dilema you are facing. i just don't even know where to look for advice. if you stay in florida, you might be staying by yourself. if you move back to TN, you won't be alone, but your bones will hurt.

    yuk, this is a tough one, i will be happy to listen any time, but i don't know how to advise you.
  2. tasha's Avatar
    i think the 2 of you need to really talk this out and maybe work out some sort of compromise. is there someplace else you could live where you both would be happy? i really think you need to look into other options rather than focusing on just these 2 options.
  3. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Yes, a good talking session is needed.If you love each other, a compromise can be found i am sure. Sit down and start again.Maybe write it down, the good things about moving and the bad things.Maybe if he see's it in black and white, he may understand more.Goodluck and let us know! xx