April 6th, 2009

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Hey everyone!
soo this weekend was alot of fun! friday, i had a half day at school which was cool! i ended up going to the movies to see ''adventureland'' which was actually filmed at kennywood, which is an amusement park about 15 minutes from my house, so it was fun to like point out different things i noticed from the park!
saturday, my best friend rachel came over and ended up sleeping over. we went for a walk all throughout my neighborhood, which was good excersise for me. lol
uhm, sunday my friend tawny came over, and we went to the zoo. [[ironic that we work there, yet also visit regularly!]]
today im just focusing on finishing packing and getting things ready for tomorrow, because i am leaving for niagara falls, canada!!
its gonna be a five hour drive but i'll just sleep and watch movies to pass time! haha.
i hope everyone had a great weekend, and everyone has a good day today!
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  1. tasha's Avatar
    yay! i'm glad you've been having so much fun! and niagara falls, aaaaahhhh i'm so jealous. i've always wanted to visit! someday in the near future, hopefully!