Prednisone Tapering Update

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Today was my first day on 20mg of prednisone down from 30mg. I'm feeling okay, just a little bit of pain in my toes. I'm hoping that I won't get anymore pain tomorrow because I'm meeting a friend up in Santa Barbara for the weekend!

I also have a huge 15 page paper to finish writing for my techniques of counseling class. It requires a lot of concentration and commitment that I have difficulty with when Lupus makes me feel like crap. This is my last paper of the semester though so I just need to get through it and then I get a few week's break!
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  1. ashleybaby715's Avatar
    ohh the joys of lowering prednisone!! i usually feel kinda sick-ish for like a day or two... but then i go back to feeling good. i hope the same happens for you!
    woahh 15 page paper!!? thats a big paper!! lupus can definetly make it hard to concentrate, i kept blanking out on my cheer when i was practicing. but if you try your hardest, you can do it ! :]
    good luck!!
  2. tasha's Avatar
    okay! i guess as long as i can get through the next couple days i should be feeling good again

    yeah, 15 pages is a lot. and in fact, it's worth 100% of our grade. there were no exams in this class, not even any participation or attendance points. everything we learned in the class must be proved through this one huge paper. and they wonder why grad students are always so stressed out!
  3. Rastagirl's Avatar
    Good luck with your paper, Tasha...
    Whenever I've tapered down on Prednisone, I've found that if I don't think about it..try to occupy my mind with other stuff that's not Lupus..I always had good success with very few symptoms. I'll bet the paper helps keep your mind occupied a bunch, though.
    I LOVE the pink, how did you get your background like that? Please tell....... Lori
  4. mountaindreamer's Avatar
    hi tasha,

    sending you the best of luck on prednisone tappering and your paper.....hope everything works like it is supposed to and i know that you brightly shine with your paper.

    hope your weekend in Santa Barbara was filled with fun.