March 27th, 2009

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Hey Everyone!
so just to update everyone who i havent told, i got my echocardiogram and CT-scan results. all came back better. my lymph nodes arent swollen anymore and the fluid around my heart and lungs have cleared.
i had my walking stress test, which didnt come back as good. they said they expected me to be able to walk a whole lot more, and my oxygen intake while doing it wasnt good at all. i ma getting a test done today after school, allthough im not sure exactly what the name of the test is...i am going to have to breathe in medicine and they are going to take pictures of my diaphram to see if its functioning right...
i also am going to have to do a tredmill test, but im not sure when i'll have to do that.
i started cheer yesterday, and boyy am i sore today!! havent worked those muscles in a while! haha but it felt soo good to get back into it!!!
i will post later about my test!!
i hope everyone has a great day!!

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