Isn't our new WHL world just great??

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So, as I am experimenting with the new site, fiddling with buttons and clicking on links, I realize that I am excited, happy, and filled with anticipation. So, for several moments of each day, I am discovering something new; both on the site and in myself. What I've discovered is that Conrad has not only given us a beautiful new home, but he's filled it with so many exciting new gadgets, games, buttons, and links. In so doing, we have completely forgotten about our pain, our frustrations, our disappointments...if only for brief we "ooh" and "aaah" and "oh wow..look at this" while we are navigating our new home.
So, Conrad has given us a tool to allow us to escape from the tedious and unpleasant nature of our disease. We are lost, for hours, playing games in the arcade; or we are roaming about uploading pictures, downloading avatars, posting blogs and generally squealing and laughing as if we were children on Christmas morning.
Now, the newness and excitement may wear down, if our new home remains static. But, I know our Beloved Administrator Conrad and I can almost guarantee that static is something that will NEVER happen!
So, I want to thank Conrad for all that he has given us and also for what he did not realize that he had given us! Sweet moments of wonder, laughter, excitement and anticipation. All of which have provided us with the most wonderful moments of escape!
Thank You Conrad! Family...go out there and explore our new WHL and have lots of fun because there is lots to be had here!!

With Love & Appreciation
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Very well said....3 cheers for Conrad x
  2. mnjodette's Avatar
    I agree, Saysusie. I feel like a 'visitor' just finding my way around a new much to learn. Thank you Admin!

  3. admin's Avatar
    Shucky dran, you're making me cry!
  4. Oluwa's Avatar
    That is so true Saysusie..about what Conrad has given us. Exploring, learning...

    I am lost in the Arcade room forgetting about my humdrum. Thumbing through my PC files for photographs.

    I was just telling that to Cheryl or was it to Jody earlier today. The new WHL keeps me focus one thing and that one thing is not me, my bones, my muscles...

    Feeling an even bigger connection to my family here..

    Love in bunches...