My thoughts for today

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I was sitting, this morning, thinking and meditating. Trying to place myself in a calming, quiet, peaceful place. As I silently breathed in God's air and exhaled all stress, these thoughts came to me and I decided to share them with you. I am a firm believer in the power and the magic of "love". I believe that we are created from love, and therefore that love capacity resides in each and every one of us. When I meet and/or speak to someone, I determine to see, meet and speak to that love capacity in them. I look for it because I KNOW that it is there and I have NEVER failed to find it

Love is a miracle, a miracle that we all can make happen
So many small, little miracles truly happen every day and everywhere
A word kindly spoken, a gift sincerely given
A moment freely given, a hand warmly taken
Each is a miracle that costs us nothing to give
Each can change a life or can help someone to live
It's so easy to share the gift of "yourself"
It's so simple to give a small portion of love
We are all filled with unmeasurable wealth
Why can't we just share the gifts of ourselves
Love is a miracle, let's all make it happen
So many small miracles that can truly happen
Every Day and Every Where!
Let's give love, freely and accept love humbly

Peace and Blessings
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