Stress, Anxiety, Economy and a Very Bad Dinner

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OMG. I'm sipping a beer which is a rarity. This week has been emotionally draining. The economy has had me glued to the TV. I cried and trembled when the financial facts hit me. What will become of us? There are hard times to come. So many people can't see what is happening, but that is slowly changing. Oblahblah is taking us to the second Civil War.

Being married to an Aspie is stress inducing. He is totally effected by the people he is around. When it is just him and I we are happy, laid back, peaceful. As soon as he is around his mother he changes into someone I can't stand. I need to chill out about it. He wants to work down by her for a few days to earn extra money. She started a power struggle with me, she made a big mistake there. I have NOTHING to lose.

When one has faced death and lost everything several times over, well, I cling to no one or nothing. She tried to convince hubby that I am wrong and she is right. Wrong about what? Wrong about being a vegetarian because I refuse to eat tortured factory farmed animals. I don't push my beliefs on ANYONE. Just my presence at her holiday dinners brings about the same straw man discussion over and over. I told hubby, it is his decision. Her or I. He chose me. So he goes down there for a few days, I have to stay on top of him. If he puts me down even once, I'm going to be on him like feral cat in a bad mood.

Tonight I remembered why I don't like to go out to eat with my sister. She embarrassed our mother, her son and myself till we wanted to crawl under the table. That is why I am sipping a Miller Light. My 79 year old mother is too and we don't drink!

How long do I have to wait till I can take a valium? ::
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