I haven't got time for the pain...

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This time of year is always hard on me. I seem to get flair-ups in the winter months. I'm not sure if it's the cold or the lack of sunshine, but it always happens. I read somewhere that I should journal my pain, keeping track so when I visit my rheumatologist I can share the information. So, I decided to start journaling in the mornings and write down how I felt each morning. That was an eye-opener! It was so depressing to read! Now, even though I have had lupus for over 20 years, I usually don't let it control my life. I will pop a few ultracet and some caffeine and off to work I'd go. But the older I get, the less this method seems to be working. I get to work and struggle to concentrate and feel like I'm in a fog. My spelling is getting worse and I can't remember peoples names. So FRUSTRATING!
On my way to work this morning, I was listening to the song that goes " I haven't got time for the painů" by Carly Simon and I thought how appropriate it was! I don't want to let the pain stop me from working at a job I love, but it's getting increasingly hard to do. Some mornings I want to shut off the alarm clock and pull the covers over my head! Wake me up with Spring arrives. I'm hibernating.


  1. Saysusie's Avatar
    I think that many of us know exactly how you feel!! I love your theme song "I Haven't Got Time For The Rain!"
    Warm Hugs!
  2. Nonna's Avatar
    I so agree, but the older we get the harder it is to push through the pain