Need some advise on Disability

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Thank you for the valuable information. I am starting my claim for disability and I know it will be a long road ahead. Do you think I should get a lawyer right way or wait until denied the first time?

I don't have any documentation that says SLE, but have been to 3 doctors regarding the symptoms I have. I am on the way to Hershey Medical Rheumatology in October. I try to remain hopeful they can help me. I am declining rather quickly in my health and that appt. seems so far away! I have been having chest/heart pain since July. All test are normal and they say they don't see anything wrong. I have been on Plaquenil (400mg.) per day, Nortriptolene, and Prednisone for almost a year now. I think they are working to an extent, but I am still declining. I am scared about all this. I had about a month of good days in the last year. Fearful as to what my future holds if something doesn't soon break. I am frustrated and depressed about all these things happening to me.

Thank you for listening and also for your response.

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