Tough day

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Today, I find myself struggling with a very bad flare. It is getting every inch of my body today. I have not slept much in 4 nights. This is wearing on me. I am trying to rest and take things easy, but it is hard for me. The pain today is enough to not want to increase the level to off the charts! I was encouraged by my husband to start writing the things I experience down. This way I can track how I am doing. I have found it difficult to find a doctor who will see what I am going through. My symptoms are forever changing. I am trying very hard to stay focused on the positive. Lately, I have found it hard with the flare this bad. I am thinking of seeing an Immunologist, has anyone had any experience with one of these doctors?
I have been canning vegetables for 3 years now. It is hard for me to do this like I used to do. Hopefully, this flare will pass soon. Corn is soon due to be canned!
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