Trying to be positive

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I think I am finally starting to recover from the terrible flare I am in. Definitely not over it by far, but at least the heart issues are starting to improve, thanks to Prednisone. Dr. put me on antibiotics and prednisone again. Along with all the other meds I am taking. Chest x-ray was negative for pneumonia, so they are thinking it was fluid build up around lungs and heart. I was terrified by what I experienced. I actually considered the fact that I may die from this flare! This is the 2nd episode of this in a year. I have started bruising very badly. My legs are the worst, but have bad bruises all over my body. Concerned about what could be causing this. Doc said it could be something in my blood. Lab results this time around was positive ANA and mildly arthritic. After showing the doctor the bruising on my legs, he has referred me to Hershey Med. Rheumatology. I am hopeful I will get a diagnosis soon. I am lucky to get the important things done during the day. Some days, it's hard just to get dressed. I can not physically work right now. It seems like every way I have turned for a year, I have hit a brick wall! I just don't understand, these doctor's treat you for Lupus, but won't give an official diagnosis of Lupus. I do understand that may not matter to some people, but you can't start for disability if you don't have a diagnosis from a doctor. If this visit to Hershey doesn't pan out, don't know what to do next.
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