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As I come up on a year of horror, I am worse then I have ever been. Really getting scared with all the things going on in my body. My organs are all being affected by this. I am no closer to getting a diagnosis. I am going to get to see an Immunologist and hope that will get me somewhere. Rheumatology is doing nothing for me.
I have some Lung and Heart issue now. Kidneys are not good, but that is touch and go. I can't breathe, have pain in my chest, and my heart is really working hard. My blood pressure is up and my heart is racing. I went to the doctor yesterday for this. Had to go to my family physician because my rheum doc said they wouldn't help me due to they didn't have record of my lung and heart issues I had back at Christmas. They did an EKG to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. During the test, I had an episode of not being able to breathe. Nurse seen it and told doctor what happened. I was sent right away for chest x-ray. She thinks it's Bronchitis with maybe some Pneumonia in there. I am wheezing, but she also heard something else. She thinks it also could be Pleurisy around the lungs and maybe the heart. This is so scary to deal with. I will go back in few days after meds start and hopefully there will be improvement. Waiting to be called with results of x-ray.
Thinking of starting the Paleo Nutrition. I have been reading about Lupus sufferers who have had success with this. I am just at my wits end with this. It is destroying my life!!
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