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I know many of you have been wondering about my absence, so I thought that I would pop in to write this blog to share with all of you. Right now, I am facing a challenge as I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis has been an upheaval in my life and a traumatic one for all of my family and friends. As you can imagine, I have not been able to function properly since the diagnosis. As such, I have not been here because I felt so useless and unable to provide much support, comfort, or encouragement to anyone else. For that, I truly do apologize because you all deserve so much more. While this is a devastating diagnosis, I do have several things in my favor: 1) I found the lump myself and it is less than 2cm (very small). While it is invasive, it was found very early which means that my prognosis is promising. 2) It is a lobular tumor which is, as I mentioned, very small 3) It is dependent 100% upon estrogen for growth which is excellent because there are treatments to stop the production of estrogen in my body. 4) I and my medical team have opted for radical bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. In doing so, I reduce the chance of the cancer spreading to my other breast and also reduce/eliminate my need for chemotherapy. My surgery is scheduled for March 1, 2013. While my team feels certain that the cancer is not in my lymph nodes, that will not be known for certain until the surgery. I am quite hopeful, at this point, and truly believe that my outcome will be positive. However, I ask that you all be a bit more patient with me and allow me time to come back to you on a regular basis. Until then, I want to say to every woman here (and everywhere)....regular self examination of your breasts is crucial (my tumor STILL has not shown up on mammogram or ultrasound!). It is only because I have always done thorough and constant breast examinations that I was able to find the irregular lump in my breast (that doctor's, at first, thought was nothing to be concerned with). Also, it is only because I insisted and demanded, even though they felt that I had no reason to worry, that they perform a biopsy of the lump. I am so glad that I did because it was found very early and is very small. So, please DO NOT rely upon your mammograms to determine if you may or may not have an issue. Perform regular self examinations, be diligent and thorough with your examinations so that you know every inch of your breasts and can recognize, immediately, any changes. I will return sometime after my surgery to let you all know where I stand. Until then, I wish you all much peace, many blessings, and unending love-Namaste Carlotta
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  1. rob's Avatar
    Hi Carlotta,

    Mari, Steve, and I have been worried about you ever since Conrad relayed the news to us. If anyone has the strength, determination, and courage to beat cancer, it's you. Please know that you have nothing to apologize for. You take all the time you need in order to get through this. Mari, Steve, and I are here every day doing our thing, so please know that WHL is in good hands, and that we've "got your back" no matter what.

    The good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers of every single person here are with you, and will be with you every day.

    You will beat this, my dear friend,

  2. BonusMom's Avatar

    I'm very sorry to hear about your new diagnosis and upcoming surgery. But, if anyone can handle this setback with grace and dignity, it is you.

    I want to reiterate what you said about early detection. My mom, at age 55, had her annual mammo in mid-June. While on vacation in July, she felt a lump in her breast. Upon return, she contacted her doctor for an exam and was referred for a repeat mammo. The lump was not detected. Only after a breast ultrasound was done was the lump detected. Stage I was the result and she opted for a lumpectomy and radiation.

    Early detection is the key for ANY cancer. I'm encouraged by your finding the lump early and being so insistent about the biopsy. You trusted your instincts and were an advocate for your health....BRAVO!!!

    WHL is in great hands with the awesome mods that you've chosen. Know that you'll be foremost in our thoughts as you take on your latest challenge.

    All the best,
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  3. debbie-b's Avatar
    Hi Carlotta,

    I am sorry, that you had to receive this diagnosis, but I am glad, that you found it early and the doctors say that your chances of full recovery are very good.
    Thank you for letting us know about self exam, I do it too, but not on a regular basis, which is going to change now.
    As for opting for the mastactomy and reconstruction, I would have chosen the same.
    Well Carlotta, you know, we will all pray for you and cheer you on, while you have your surgery.
    Have a speedy recovery.

    Get well,
  4. steve.b's Avatar
    early detection, early intervention....... good prognosis.

    i am glad you found it so early.
    i will be thinking of you on 01 march

    my sincere best wishes and positive thoughts.
  5. tgal's Avatar
    Nothing to say except that I love you. Even though we have never met I do love you and I am here if you ever need me. I know you are in great hands and please don't worry about things here. You have supported us all of these years now let us do that for you, or at least take the worry away about WHL. There are great people here and it will be the same when you come back
  6. ItsLupus2007's Avatar
    My thoughts and prayers are with you,your family and your friends during this difficult time.I applaud you for being insistent and diligent enough with self-exam to know that there could be something amiss.Hopefully this will reinforce in your drs and others that it is often vital to listen to their patient even when they believe there is no concern.

    With your familiarity of your own body and its many quirks you have managed to jump to the head of the class in treatment and eradication.Where if you were relying one on mammograms it could have delayed treatments by months.Good for you for pushing for a "make sure"

    Please take care of yourself and rest as easy as you can.Easier said than done but I will send good vibes your way and the hopes that in the midst of all the turmoil your mind is able to rest along with your body.

    Again you and all of yours will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. Oluwa's Avatar
    Oh, boy...Carlotta our dear girl, our angel...I really don't know what to say. As I cannot even imagine what your thoughts are regarding this. Lick it, whoop it, be scared, run, hide, stand still…I just can't even imagine. I only know from my eyes looking into someone, my Mom. Uplifting you in prayers.

    If I may....Dear Heavenly Father, I am praying to you to continue to give strength to Carlotta. Bring her comfort in her fears and let her feel your security in your tight arms of love. Carlotta is your child, she is in pain and do let her know you are with her. Please give her extra blessings, share mine with her as she fights this cancer with her strength and grace.

    And, please, God Almighty… please, guide the doctor’s hands. Ensuring they use the brilliance you gave them to ensure Carlotta is in the best care throughout all of this. In your name, I ask…Thank you, Lord for hearing my prayer. Amen.

    Everyone please pray...the power of prayer is unimaginable and they say in the medical field it is one of the best kept secrets. Pray on.....

    Carlotta, please....If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call, write, FB….from here in Seattle, for now I have love, prayers, compassion in my heart and thoughts in my mind for you as you bring this cancer to its knees. Tight, gentle, caring hugs with love.
  8. Saysusie's Avatar
    thank you so much everyone for your thoughts ,care, kind words and prayers. sweet oluwa, thank you for that beautiful prayer. i have had some pre surgery complications due to my health. the stress of these complications has caused my blood pressure to skyrocket and so i am faced with postponement if we cannot get it under control. i meet with both surgeons and anesthesiologist today and hopefully i will be cleared for surgery on friday. they feel that will bp medication and a mild tranquilizer, the surgery can proceed. i will definitely be back next week to let you all know where i stand. again, thank you all so very much and god bless each of you
    peace and blessings
  9. Numpty's Avatar
    Carlotta, not sure if your surgery is going ahead as planned today (it's just past midnight here in Scotland) but wanted to leave you a note for when you check in here again to say that we're thinking of you and sending lots of healing thoughts your way! ~massive hugs~
    Love and light
    Claire xx
  10. Oluwa's Avatar
    I've been looking for you here, there, FB...I am wondering how you are, Carlotta. In my thoughts and heart you are. Hugs and love..