Any thoughts about Benlysta?

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Hi I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE after asking about my red face at the dermatologists visit. It sure did explain why I had no energy, stamina,ran fevers had aches and pains that come and go for years.
I had thought it was normal to have back pain or leg pain, you see I was in a car accident and had my back fused and a few years later had a motorcycle accident and had my hand fused back together so I thought I was just getting older.
Now that I know I have been on Plaquenil and Prednisone . I have been doing ok for the most part with current meds I guess, apart from the occasional anger episode, losing weight, and some achy legs and knees.fatigue . Im not sure whats supposed to be normal.
So my Rhuemi wants me to start Benlysta...and im not sure
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