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I was diagnosed about a year ago with Lupus, Sjrogens, and osteoarthritis, I've been taking plaquenil for almost a year, thank god no side effects, recently I was diagnosed with Mortons Neurona, WOW so much pain, I'm trying to avoid the injections, its been three weeks And I'm still having pain, not as much as before but its still hard to walk normal, any suggestions
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  1. rob's Avatar
    Hi Kathy,

    Welcome to WHL. You'll receive far more responses if you post your question in one of the public parts of the website, such as the Newly Diagnosed, or New Members Introduce Yourself forums. There's no rule against posting questions in your personal blog, it's just that the public parts of the website get alot more traffic, so you'll get more answers faster there.

    Once again, welcome to WHL,