Things could be looking up

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It was pretty gloomy for awhile where my health was concerned. Out of all of the crazy things happening to me, the 3:00pm shut down is the worst! I'd get quite a bit done and then 3:00pm hits and I have to make sure there is a bed nearby. God forbid that I'm behind the wheel. I blare my radio, open the windows and if that doesn't work, I will pull over. Mostly, I try to make sure I'm not out and about.

But my bladder seems to be working again - Praise God! I won't lie, the catheder hurt me. It will probably be a week before my urethra recovers but I'm so glad the cath is out. I went to my Rheum who told me my liver enzymes are lower. I asked if I could avoid a liver biopsy but he felt I should probably go forward with it. No. I will not. I also will not go forward with the bladder exploration either. Now the spinal tap, okay, that makes sense but I am not going to have a million tests (intrusive and painful, BTW) "just because". I know my Dr.s care about my health. I can feel it. I just can't reason out why I have to do so many things when I'm beginning to be in a recovery stage.

I'm also very curious about RA. Without the pain killers, my hands and arms just sing (huge pain)! I never had that when I took pain killers. My knees are almost crippled. I sat down in the tub to shave my legs and suddenly realized, I may not be able to get out of there! I've had to sit on the floor to pick things up and such rather than bend over but now, well, sitting isn't much of an option anyway.

But for today, my bladder is working, my liver seems to be coming out of it's funk and I slept most of the night so I'm going to focus on that today. I hope others have a day blessed without excessive pain.
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  1. serand4's Avatar
    I just found out I have degerative arthritis in my ankles and feet. That explains a lot. I've often said I'd rather be in a wheel chair over this pain but then that's not true, either. I rather just be without the pain.