Living Life With Lupus Nephritis

The beginning of hardship: part two

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The ride to the hospital was a frightening and uncertain one. As I sat in the passenger seat, I simply watched the stars twinkle all around the dark along with the shining, brilliant moon. Mother was as silent as a corpse. Finally when we arrived to the hospital(St. John's Oakland-Macomb, I believe), I just began to vomit. The cause was unknown. I signed up for the doctors to come check me out as I waited in the chillly lobby room. I grew more and more anxious as I waited and waited.

Finally the nurse called me in and checked me out; my blood pressure was unusually high and so was my temperature. Next I had to wait even longer for a doctor to examine me. I was even more anxious than before as I waited and waited and waited. Finally when the doctor came in he told me that he wasn't even sure what was happening to me. All he knew was that my potassium was dangerously high and that I needed to drink this strange brown stuff called salicylate(I think that's how you spell it), and I also had to take a new medication known as Prednisone. I was told to follow up with a kidney doctor and then I was discharged immediately......
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