What a great over night stay in the hospital!

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Had a great over night stay in the hospital. I think my inflammation had hit all new high and got admitted. Except my wonderful Dr. only told them I was there for back pain and didn't tell them anything else. I do have a new diagnosis though RA along with my lupus. Yeah, one doc wanted a 2 day stay and test, another doc wanted another test and another doc, said no test get to go home. I love it when information is shared. And why on earth do they pump you full of pain meds then come and push on you and say does that hurt? Well hell no, you just put all kinds of morphine in me. Of course that doesn't hurt now. Wow! Life with Lupus is so lonely and depressing, even when you are surrounded by medical professionals. Great! just Great!
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you know that, although you are free to post in the blog section, few people come over here so these posts seldom get read. If you want people to talk to you about your post you really need to write it in one of the sections of the forum. If, however, you just want to use this as a place to get your feelings out then please feel free to blog away!

    Glad you are back from the hospital