What a month this has been!

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I was recently diagnosed with Lupus about 6 months ago while my husband was deployed for a year. That was fun to say the least. I have read a lot about lupus but have found no matter how much I read about it, doesn't replace actually talking to people who are living with it. The past couple of months have been really painful, finally went to the doc 2 weeks ago and found out my ANA was 12 and was 3 times worse than it was 6 months ago. Not sure what all that means or how high or low its supposed to be. But am on methotrexate, anti-inflamatories, pain meds, anti-depressants, and sleeping meds. Sleep has not been my friend through this wonderful journey. Am feeling a bit better now and can finally dress and undress myself and get in bed by myself. Bless my wonderful husband who takes such good care of me and is finally home. Look forward to reading your posts and suggestions on how to manage and live with Lupus.
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  1. vicky62's Avatar
    I'm so glad your husband understands and helps you. I was just diagnosed and there is a lot I don't understand. I'm learning right along with you. I'm sorry your losing your sleep. Vicky
  2. blackeight's Avatar
    Thanks I am so glad i found this site, all I had before was my facebook and I would post something about my pain or something and someone would say you know depression causes pain? I would be like you know pain all the time causes depression. I am so glad to finally find a place where someone understands. And I don't know much about it either, but it looks like there are a lot of great people on here with a lot of knowledge. Maybe it won't be so lonely as it has been. Gretchyn