March 16, 2009

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Hey Guyss!
so today, for my graduation project i've changed my topic. i am now doing on Lupus. i figured it would only be appropriate and i mean, i know so much about it...and i HAVE it. so its not going to be hard to work with!
for my tangible product, im using...ME! lol
plus this way, me doing my project on lupus, i can raise some kind of awareness to people at school. cuz people dont understand mainly because they dont know what lupus is and everything. but i plan on changing that. i want people to know what it is, and understand things about it.
im so excited! my mom and dad told me that we are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for vacation this summer!!!!
something to look forward to, thats for sure!!
well have a good night guyss!
hope all is well!!

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  1. tasha's Avatar
    that sounds like a fabulous idea for your project! good luck with it and have fun in the dominican republic!!!