March 15, 2009

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Hey Guyss!!
so today was my methotrexate day. i take it every sunday... hate making my amount of pills 14! but its for the best i guess. haha
today was a nice warm day. so i actually went out and rode my bike! a first in like a year! and it felt good to do it and not be sore. although i had to take some breaks to catch my breath. i hate how i get so winded so fast anymore! but we'll find out why that happens when i see the pulmonologist on weds.
i went shopping too! so thats always fun! hehe
back to school tomorrow...the weekends seem soo short! but oh well. this is going to be a long week. i have testing tues-thurs. cheer practices and doctors apps! im going to be drained by friday! lol
hope everybody is doing well!
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