Sometimes i just want to stop all meds..

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[QUOTE=Miraid;108306]Tracy, i am military and if you are your sons next of min, meaning hes not married then you have survivors benefits from the military. You can contact someone via telephone to put you in contact with a chaplain. Try or

Im sorry for your los

yes i got life insurance any thing else they go by household income. and my new husband wasn't my sons father. so i really don't quantify for much. but its not about money or anything else its the fact i don't have my only child anymore. I'm not a mother anymore ill never have grand children. why do they have to put an only child front line. its simple our government dont care about our soldiers at all. if they did Obama would of stuck to his word and had them pulled out of there by now. our kids are dying for no reason at all.. my son was murdered by our government for no reason.. and if i tell you some stories of what others parents have gone through it would just break your hear.. trust me obama and the rest of them in DC don't care… and they don't help us. even my outreach person is useless. they didn't even give my son his promotion he deserved when he died.. i lost all faith..
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