self massage for tension/tender spots

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Here are some simple little tricks I picked up a few years ago that have ended up being a life saver for neck/shoulder, low back, & foot pain.

Take 1-2 tennis balls and put them in a tube sock, tying off the sock close to the balls but not so tight they won't move. Then sit or stand with your back against a hard surface. Hold the empty end of the sock in your hand and drop the ball end between your shoulder & the wall, adjusting until you feel the "right" spot, then press into it to add pressure, move around a bit for a massage, and flex your muscle/joint against it as you feel comfortable. I try to do this at least once a day to keep the knots from getting too tight. I keep one in my desk drawer, in my car & in my nightstand. As a result I am often able to release my neck muscles & increase my range of motion.

For foot pain I carry a golf ball everywhere I go. Take off your shoe, put the ball on the ground & press/roll away to feel better in a short period of time. You can use it on the arch, ball, or heel & feel relief. I never leave home without one! My hubby uses one, too, after his karate classes to loosen up his feet .

My other trick is for low back pain. Take a volleyball or soccerball & inflate it only 60-75%. Lay on a flat surface (beds work if you can't lay on the ground) and place the ball under your lower back, letting your hips "drop" down over the ball. The ball puts pressure on the low back muscles and stretches them out without you straining yourself.

I have dealt with pain from FMS for 10 years, low back pain for 20, and now lupus pain. Along with pain meds, yoga, stretching & these tricks I manage on most days to get through the tough spots so I can go on with my life.

Here's hoping tomorrow's a good day for you-

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  1. Nicki's Avatar
    I heard about this before and thought it was such an awesome idea! Then I remembered that I have kids and dogs which means IF I can even find the tennis balls at our house, they are covered in dog poo! =)) Time to get some new ones!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!