My New Cool Vest

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Today was a good day! Today I wore my cool vest for the first time. It was great! It was 74 outside, but going in to stores where it is warmer really wears me out. By the time I have walked through the grocery store and am standing in line I am usually overheated, sweating, feeling like I will collapse if I must take one more step. Today was DIFFERENT!

The cool vest lowered my body temperature well. I have to force myself to go out because I know how bad I will be feeling. That seems to be changing thank God! With this vest on I stayed quite comfy and did not feel like I had to crawl out of my skin to escape the heat. I am very optimistic that this will give me renewed abilities to get out more. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO TRY THIS?

I've been wanting to go to the local coffee house Watercanyon. It is a great place, they have big old comfy couches to sprawl out on, free Internet, live local musicians and is frequented by our art community. One of the few places left that holds the ambiance of old Yucca Valley. Plus I want to visit some new churches. I believe this vest will provide me with the opportunity to do this! I am very excited.

I have to have a bleeding on Monday at the hospital so I went looking for a cloth mask. No matter how much germicide we use when out, I still pick up airborn virus . Couldn't find one. I will be quite the sight around town. Funky silver vest with a large Star Trek looking logo on it, full sleeves in the summer, large wide brim hat and a mask on. I will just look like the other eccentrics that live around here.

Mom and I ate Indian, saag paneer yummmmmm,veggie bryani, and cashew naan at one of our favorite restaurants and I was so comfortable. I normally have a hard time relaxing and eating out. I usually bring the bulk of my lunch home because I am too hot and uncomfortable to enjoy it.

Why didn't I try to find myself a cool vest years ago? I knew about them well over 10 years ago. Did I think it was too much of a luxury item to spend the money on? Do I think that I do not deserve to be comforted? That may be. I blame myself and rightly so for past mistakes, I have to own up to my wrongs. I don't know how to forgive myself. I am haunted by them. Do I have unfinished business in my past? Big "duh" on that question.
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar
    Ah im so glad it helped you and kept you cool.Glad you wore it....now you can go out and feel 'comfort'.Good on ya.

  2. wrightrs's Avatar
    Little things make a big difference sometimes.
  3. Betty Boop's Avatar
    What is a cool vest? Thanks