March 13th, 2000-FINALLY FRIDAY!

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ahh its finally friday! ...shame i dont get to sleep in tomorrow morning. i have to get up early to take the SAT's. oh fun. hopefully i dont get sleepy during the test, that wouldnt be good! i've actually been feeling pretty good this week. usually i'll come home from school and take a nap, but instead, i've been like really hyper. only thing is that the other day, i had a pretty bad headache. which wasnt too fun. but not complaining about how this week went.
i see the pulmonologist on weds [[the 18th]] and then the rheumatologist on the 23rd. soo i hope that all goes well.
well thats all for now
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  1. Angel Oliver's Avatar

    Just to say goodluck for tomorrow.If you begin to feel sleepy....imagine me there with a huge fan to cool you down.Take a deep breath in through your nose and out from your mouth.We'll all be with you even though you cant see us. Glad this week was good for you.Headache....ouch...i had a massive one last night, didnt get to sleep till after 5am, felt so sick too.
    Goodluck with your upcoming appointments too.
    Gentle hugs for tomorrow.