Back from the Rheumy......with a new plan!

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I just back from the docs office and I hope that our newest plan of action will be a success!
I asked him about some burning sensation that I was having in my foot and he said along with the "auto immune connective tissue" disorder that it sounds like a touch of fibro like symptoms going on....he changed his diagnosis from Lupus to "unspecified autoimmune connective tissue" since my last visit. Don't know what that is about (other than insurability) but whatever.
So he said to stay off the Plaq, and start on 3mg of low dose naltrexone treatment, it should take effect in a week. I am waiting for the compounding pharmacy to call and let me know that its ready. He offered a Kenalog injection to give me some immediate relief but I told him that I would like to give the LDN a chance to work before I do steroids....scared of them! I also inquired about Benlysta and he said due to my history that he would be concerned about the side effects.
He just got back from a conference and there is supposed to be some miracle drug releasing in the US in August, its already being used in Europe. I missed the name of it but its supposed to be the cure all for these types of diseases. Has anyone heard talk about this new drug? I would love to hear from anyone doing the LDN treatment or who has given the Kenalog injections a try. The last round of oral Pred I took was miserable so I hate the word "steroids" but he said that injections are different.....love to hear feedback!
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