Trying to stay optimistic....

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I have been playing phone tag with my rheumatologist's office for exactly 7 days now only to finally reach the nurse today and for her to tell me "Aren't you scheduled to come in on Monday? You can talk to the Dr about a plan then". Soooo annoyed at the lack of response and concern from his staff!
I am going to give him a chance to help me get on the right track when I see him on Monday and then if that doesn't work, I am going to book an appt with another rheumy with a bigger office and more availability. I have about a month to get myself healthy enough to run my business full time and it HAS to happen! I took the quarter off when I got diagnosed to rest and let the Plaquenil get into my system and since then I have gotten an upper respiratory infection, horrible bronchitis and double ear infections, and a sinus infection along with a 3rd ear infection all in the last 45 days!
Once I notified the rheumy of all my issues early last week, he pulled me off the Plaquenil. Originally, I was told that I was to be patient, let the Plaq get into my system and I would feel better than ever in 3-6 months! I have done exactly what I was told and it has NOT worked out that way.....NOW WHAT?!?!? It has helped about 65% with my daily struggle with joint pain, fatigue, and migraines. But since he pulled me off it I have been back in bed barely able to walk to the bathroom. Is this just a coincidental bad flare or being off the meds? Since it was the mildest drug and it messed up my immune system that bad, what is the alternative?

Headed to another doc appt today for the constant pain in my head/jaw/ear.....from TMJ maybe? I have no idea at this point.

I am glad that I came across this sight and hope to connect to others with similar thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

And to all of the amazing Mothers out there......Have a Happy Mother's Day! We all deserve some recognition

Lena T
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