Diagnosis for Lupus.

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I am a 33 y/o man serving in the army. I have been experiencing very intence joint pains for quite some time now, along with many other symptoms. It is a dull but constant burning pain that is also now starting to effect my entire body. I do have a family history of Lupus. My other symptoms include, but not limited to; Fatigue, GERD, feelings of weakness, poor memory, ADHD, persistent sores in nostrils, chronic sinus congestion, inability to concentrate. Most pain meds, prescribed or OTC, seem to have little to no effect (6 motrin, 4 tylenol, 2 neproxin, and 2 shots of nyquil, thats what it takes sometimes, cuz yea thats healthy for me right). I have noticed that the pain worsens with alcohol consumption. I have been off and on several arthritis (thats what "they say" I have) meds with no impact. All my research over the past 2 months has lead me to believe that this is what I have. I used to be VERY healthy and VERY fit, now I struggle just to make it threw the day. Is there anything that I can do to help convince an army doctor (a PA by the way) to at least take me serious enough to send me to a rheumatologist for further evaluation?
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  1. wanbin's Avatar
    lupus nephritis symptoms :
    1. Fever: commonly, there are two reasons why you get fever, which are inflammations caused by pathogenic bacteria or immune reactions. Fever means the virus are in active period.
    2. weakness
    3. Skin mucous membrane:The butterfly type erythema on your face or on the whole body, when they fade away, there is no trace last long.
    4. dental ulcer and mucosalerosion
    5. Pain in joints or muscles
    6. You can’t move for 1-2 hours before you got up in the morning. It won’t damage your joints.
  2. Kerry's Avatar
    I'm new here but I can completely sympathise with you as I have all of those symptoms too apart from the rash on the face and body. I suppose the thing I did was nag and nag and nag. I was told that it was just depression, that it was just athritis.. then they thought it might be ME etc etc. Getting Diagnosed with Lupus is by my experience and from what i've also read..a very long and drawn out process. It's hard to deal with and it frustrating. But if you know something isn't quite right, whether it be Lupus or not (as Lupus effects everyone different;y) then keep nagging!!