Awareness Month is here !!!

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Hello lupies,
I was just sitting here and thinking actually dreaming of being lupus freeeeeee....
I love to day dream sometimes of the day i hear the breakthru news, a cure has been found
Reality hits home soon after and i feel so frusturated because i really want to have the brilliant ideia to somehow get the word out there in a massive way, and capture the attention of someone who is in a position to MAKE a huge difference to research funding, everybit helps no doubt, but wouldnt be amazing ? ahhh (just released some endorphins into my system lol ) that helps too

Come on OPRAH? Ellen ? Obama? Snoop dog? Richest people in the World? anyone ?????
Big lottery winners? lol

Enought about my sillyness...

I love the fact that i get to see that im not alone in here, what i am going through and i also get the chance to support others on their journey through guidance and communication.
Joining online support lupus group/s... to me its my savior, my personal place to go ...where i donít feel so alone anymore in the world."

Lots of hugs and healthy best wishes to you all...
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