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I take a low dose of trazedone for sleep. Its worked well for falling asleep and staying asleep.
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  1. Nutmeghers's Avatar
    Usually I'm forum savy. This was supposed to be a reply not a blog post.
  2. tgal's Avatar
    LOL. Welcome to the WHL Family!
  3. Mica's Avatar
    I do the exact same thing, I only half my trazedone pills. It has been nice to sleep through the whole night. Though sometimes, like when you have a nightmare, I can't wake up from it.
  4. Nutmeghers's Avatar
    Thanks @tgal! @Mica, I have a lot of vivid dreams and nightmares as well. Aliens, being chased, killer plants, zombies... My subconscious works overtime.
  5. Mica's Avatar
    Lol, I get really weird dreams, not necessarily bad dreams just kind of creepy. I wonder if thats a lupus thing, having weird dreams? hmmmm, it's still worth the 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  6. sickandtired's Avatar
    i am also on tradazone works well but sometimes it dont when i am in to much pain