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Hi My name is Tabatha. I have recently turned 41. I was diagnosed in 2002. Since that time, I have gone thru a series of doctors. My concern is I have been diagnosed as having Lupus by positive ANA and other tests. I have some symptoms, such a chronic fatigue, swelling of joints, legs, hands and feet. Chronic pain and deep depression. I have no signs of organ failure, including heart and kidneys, I only get a very light rash on my cheeks from time to time. But, I do have the headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, or sleeping for long periods and fever for no reason. Getting to the point, I am frustrated because I do not have more obvious symptoms I am brushed off. But living with this disease has been a nightmare! Including loosing my job after 10 + years. Due to being out of the business due to illness. Now I have applied for disability because my symptoms are overwhelming at times. I was denied because of the legnth of time I was employed! (Huh?) Please tell me I am not crazy!
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  1. The Baum's Avatar
    You're not crazy. That doesn't even make sense. Appeal the denial and get a lawyer. There are a lot of lawyers that only get paid if you get disability. Don't give up. I am not sure what people expect of us. I have only been having symptoms for about a year and it has been so bad these last few months I don't know how anyone can even work.
  2. tabathabroaden's Avatar
    Thank you for responding! My lawyer has already appealed, he said he cant understand why the decision was unfavorable. I am beginning to lose hope though, and faced with the reality that in order to survive, I need to get back in the work force. My husband is against it, as he feels, no job will keep me because I am ill often. He feels my body and mind are not strong enough to handle work anymore. His advice was now that I am older, I am not as resiliant and feels I need to fight for the disability. I dont know, I fear what will happen to my family. I was the major bread winner, so we are already trying to live on much less. What happens if I am not approved for disability, what now? I just feel like I do not have a choice at this point. You are right, it is such a challenge to try and work with this disease. I do not have major problems such as with my internal organs, but I have chronic fatigue, I have to take naps during the day, chronic pain, swelling and random mobility issues. It is really hard to try and pretend like everything is ok, when I sit in the restroom at work and cry because of the pain, or I have to use confrence rooms to lay down during the day and pray I dont over sleep my break...ARRGGGGG! Frustrated!
  3. trustme's Avatar
    Noooo don't give up. i got turned down 6 times 6 years straight. i just kept sending them the same paperwork. i didn't use a lawyer. i just kept appealing. then they cut me a $10,000 check in full and finally approved me for bells palsy. don't give up because that's what they want you to do. i have a friend who is in a wheelchair and has multiplesclerosis they turned her down 7 times and she gave up. now she lives in a nursing home. she had a job but couldn't work anymore and didn't have a caretaker. the more they turn you down the more money you get from them. if they approved you the first time you wouldn't get any backpay back.
  4. Tonyarenee's Avatar
    Most people dont know you can have your husband mother father co workers and even your x boss write a letter telling how you are affected by your illness...believe or not you can submit it to the disabilty board! Also make a daily diary of everything going on with you....copy it and have your Dr put it in your file! Dr's only write little about whats going on with you the day he sees you so when he has to fill out forms for disabilty your notes you had him put on file can be a great help! Also the disability office has a list of lawyers that handle claims ask for one who is fimiliar with Lupus being as Lupus is soooo much different than other disabilities one who is fimilier with Lupus makes a world of difference! Good luck and hope it helps!