Part 2 - Life goes on and I survive

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With my son going down state to university; my car being stolen for the third time. We all decided it was time to go. I came here and moved in with my daughter. It was supposed to be temporary. Ha! 14 years later, I'm still here.
First thing that happened was good. An endocrenologist was recommended. He's great. My dosage was raised and I had energy; unfortunately my weight has gone from 120 to 235. At one point I made it down to 190 but flared and gained again. The never-ending weight battle. While still up north I had had to have a second surgery for my thyroid. When dr B realized I was going to need a third one he ordered all thyroid tissue removed. Good thing.

Back to the headaches, in 1998 I got one so bad and it lasted so long I went to doc, he ordered an MRI. Didn't like what he saw so I was off to a neuro. My headaches happen because of blood vessels in my brain that didn't form correctly. The neurologist send me to a neurosurgeon. The surgeon said it was repairable but it wasn' t sworth the dangers to do it. I should just be aware of pain levels and get to the ER. Meanwhile the neuro has been explaining that I've also had multiple strokes due the leakage of blood. My friend a nurse called them NDD strokes - no discernible damage.

Ok now I have almost ten years of being somewhat healthy??? Nothing major happens. Just normal things like bronchitis and pneumonia, flu and IBS. Then the tremors started, and I started to short circuit. My falling got worse and I walked into things more often. I went back to the same neuro. He ordered new MRI; sent it down to the surgeon. No change, on the order my neuro had written possible parkenson's. This was in 2008. He added more meds to my day. I think they slowed things down until now. I'm jerking more, sometimes the jerking spasm take my whole body making me move several times.
In 2009 pain in my neck got beyond my tolerance level and I went to my GP, now a she. She decided arthritis and sent me to the rheumy - my Lupus adventure began in December 2009.

The timeline may not be exactly correct; my memory is not as it once was. But you can see, why I'm tired of being tired.
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  1. Nonna's Avatar
    Or did it begin with the pain in my foot, when I was eight.