Newbie that is sick and tiered of feeling sick and tired!

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Hello, I am 37 and am going insane trying to get DR's to listen to me! Not Dx'ed... ANA shows traces( whatever that means)
When I was prego 19 years ago I had trouble with my legs and would fall to all 4's! (only weigh 120)
I always have random pain that I would go to the dr and handed pain pills and no true reason!
In 2003 The rash on and over my nose was worse than it had ever been! (Was getting married = major stress)
I was looking for something to help clear it and even looked on the net.....I had seen that Lupus can cause the rash that looked like mine....but if I had it the Dr would have known...RIGHT! LOL
At random I go from the on the go go go neat freak to wore out, lazy, wanting to sleep a week freak!
I have been to Dr about my heart
I shed worse than my dog & sores on scalp....I use to have my hair thinned now considering extentions its so thin!
headaches that start at nap of neck and work up
rash on sides of my nose ...with stress it flares.....Everyone can tell my stress level by my nose(my son is in AF going to UK so ITS REALLY BAD)
welts....with stress or sun
hives....with stress or sun
bug bite like bumps.....that inch then I scratch they Burn ODD ...with the sun
bruises when I had done nothing to be covered with the bruises....looked like I had been in a fight and lost!
arms and legs go to sleep with out me alot LOL
Joint its out of socket deep bad pain with real tears
Muscle I run accross the state kinda pain
sick to my tummy alot
gained 40 pounds in 3 years.....I weighed 128 being 9months prego 14 years ago, now 178 pounds
feel like I have the cold or flu alot....and instead of fever mine drops below normal yesterday went as low 94.3 went to Dr she said she sees nothing wrong with me! ( Only if we could trade places a day)
My x husband said I have alzheimers....I think I do too, Last year I wrote my daughter a note to ride the bus home with a friend....the next day was raising H*ll when I could not find her even called the police just for them to show me the letter I wrote givving her permission. So now the school knows I have lost my mind! LOL
I could go in the ginus book of world record for sneezing no 15-20 sneezes in a row 200-300 in a day
Galbladder trouble at 20 (Was told very odd)
a long with 10 days in Hosp with pancreatitis at 21
And now my rim Dr wants to rule everything else out!
I think when I go next Tuesday I will tell him just to humor me by treating me for lupus while he tries to rule Lupus Out! LOL
The last 3 years have been very stressful
I Divorced, 2 kids graduating & moving out, son joining Airforce and going to be in Uk for 3 years raising my 2 ADHD nephews!
So with all the stress my health and body sooooo feels it! I do good to get out of bed and get to work daily....nuch less go home cook clean and do the time I get home all I wanna do is go to bed! So at times it is leaving my Birth baby who is 14 left to cook and clean after the 2 boys!
I want me back....I am sure my children do too! I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!
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  1. tgal's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to WHL. I wanted to stop in and tell you that you will get more response posting this in the "New members" section of the forum. The majority of members don't even come to this section (no idea why. If they are like me they forget about it!).

    So much of your story is like mine. We are really glad to have you in the WHL family. I look forward to getting to know you!
  2. Tonyarenee's Avatar
    Thanks ya After I posted I seen I put in in the wrong part tried changeing it and could not figure out how LOL still new and figuring it all out LOL

    So have you go DX and if so how? I keep a diary and all pics, and am taking it all next week to the DR with me...wish me luck! I wish I could say I dont have Lupus but I think my nose tells it all LOL