I just don't know........

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I just don't know if it's the progressive nature of the disease, the fact that I'm now in my sixties or just that I'm back to my usual state of bronchitis. But I've been down and almost out this time around. I'm struggling, I can't seem to pull it together and do like I used to. I feel like my family is getting tired of dealing with this. They seem to want the old me back. I want the ole me back. I want to lose the weight and exercise again. It really makes me feel better. But I can't seem to eat healthy; my tummy is messed up. IBS is very active, the BRAT diet sucks. Can't tolerate much of anything right now.

I just feel miserable and want a hole to crawl into.

I know it just the bronchitis and I will come around, but frak!!!!!!!! I feel like I did in my twenties - severe bronchitis with a 2 year old and pets and a husband at work. Frustrated that I can do and need to sleep. I just slept 6 hours straight. I never do that. I just want my hole............... I want to feel better and get on with life.
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  1. Nonna's Avatar
    I've managed to cough so much that I now have a massive headache. Dang and frakkkk. It's just not fair.......... Bitch session is needed
  2. tgal's Avatar
    oh honey I am sorry! I promise that I will you post a more helpful post tomorrow but I have yet to get out of bed. the bottom of my feet even hurt but until then remember... i love you
  3. SandyR's Avatar

    when my IBS is so bad that even BRAT hurts I was told to switch to a low residue diet. It is the only thing that really helps when I am as bad as you are now.

    You can google Low Residue Diets and find lots of links but I pulled this one out from the Mayo Clinic for you.
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  4. Nonna's Avatar
    I'm still surviving. Have to call the docs after they open to get second round of antibiotics. The inflammation of the bronchical tube won't let me breathe properly. The cough is still a killer. This still is not fun
  5. Nonna's Avatar
    I'm just so tired of this, to go two years without getting this then to relapse so badly; it's just not fair. My doc had a death in the family so I'm seeing a substitute. Should be interesting.
  6. tgal's Avatar
    Oh Nonna I am sorry! Never forget that I love you and that we are all here for you!
  7. Saysusie's Avatar
    Yes, we are all here for you and you are not alone. Warm Hugs Nonna!