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I've had Lupus for many years.. Back in 1972 when I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, a Lung disease.. shortly thereafter I had bilateral polyneuphritis, a kidney disease. Fortunately for me My Specialist treated my illness with Chemo. In the 70's Lupus was known as a fatal disease so the diagnosis was not easily given.. Over the years I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, RA, an Autoimmune disease and ITP.. all stem from the LUPUS diagnosis... I've been through everything and have been on Plaquenil and Prednisone daily for the last 15 years. People just don't know what it takes to get through the day without these meds and many more... I live in Pain everyday and every minute... I look good, so you don't really think I have such a dreadful disease. BUT I live the pain and the anguish on a daily basis.. It's not easy and as I get older it gets harder and i get immune to certain medications and i've tried everything. All of my operations were caused by the lupus disease. The latest diagnosis was Lupus Sarcoid in my Liver because of the meds, I presume. Please join this cause to raise awareness for this silent disease.. THANK YOU !!
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    We are glad that you decided to join! you will be able to give valuable information!