im finally posting

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Hello everyone Im not one to post (actually i think i only posted once)but i felt like talking so what the heck. Last year was tough lots of flares er visits , surgery and coping with depression and all the other crap that comes with this illness. This year so far more flares needing IV solu-medrol (500mg ) palm of my hands especially the right hand was extremely dry peeling and felt like sandpaper and would turn red as a tomato and white. It didnt look right, anyway saw the dermatologist and he did a biopsy of my palm and finger(looks real cute) which came back normal but still got to go back to see him, hopefully he has a diagnosis this time or its my last time seeing him. My face looks like a hairy chipmunk (boy i miss my cheekbones). gotta love that pred. Today home with the flu and feeling like crap but im alive so i cant really complain n hubby stayed home with me. to everyone that is sick and feeling like crap I hope you feel better soon. To anyone who has lost someone my condolences i know how it is to lose someone .its a tough road and time will lessen the ache but the memories will never fade. To xanis mom and tgal still waiting to hear from both of you.

wishing everyone a pain free day
hugs slim aka guerlyne
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