Had my first Benlysta treatment

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Hi everyone,

I had my first treatment of Benlysta on 06/03/11 and it went well, up until I got home and had some dizzy spells. Wont let a few dizzy spells stop me from continueing with the treatment. So here is how my weekend went, had severe abdominal pain, lots of joint and muscle pain to the point i was ready to put myself out of my misery but I self medicated and was able to get the pain somewhat under control. I cant say for sure if it was the Benlysta or my Lupus rearing its ugly head (i say the lupus). i spoke with my Rheumy and he wants to admit me to run a battery of test , yeah that got a quick NO! so the plan is to continue with the Benlysta and see if their is a pattern but he did get me to say ill check in the hspt. if the pain continues. Today pain has gone down but last night was a very painfull night still refuse to go to the hspt.(what can i say im stubborn). By the way did i mention their is a small mass on the left side of my throat , that i hope is scar tissue from my surgery and not anything serious (suppose to see the endocrinologist at the end of this month along with a GI and I was suppose to see the cardiologost ssince January but im tired of seeing doctors and hspt. but ill try to get to it before the end of the year since my resting pulse is 116. Will keep everyone posted on the Benlysta treatment, next treatment date is 06/20/11. Wish me luck and im sending everyone a pain free hug. Oh yeah my daughter got invited to the National Junior Honor Society . hip hip hooray. Im so proud of her. Hugs slim.
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  1. lovedbyHim's Avatar
    Oh my...hope it gets better and it works for you slim. I'm new here, but I am always reading and wanting to know how the benlysta is working. Hang in there and enjoy that daughter!
  2. slim's Avatar
    Thank you lovedbyhim and welcome to a really incredible site for lupus suffers .You can come and vent, ask a question , or just write a thought and someone will answer you. when no one understands what you are going through or doesnt think you are sick because you look normal, someone hear will always understand.When I was getting my IV treatment another patient told me something that I found profound . ( their was a man who always complained about having no shoes until he came across a man with no feet) here was this older lady who had been on steroids since she was 22yrs., had 2 heart attacks, and was wearing a wig due to her losing all her hair, and she was upbeat and genuinely nice. Since then I keep her in mind and hang in their. Lupus may leave battle scars but I will continue to fight the war until my last breath. BY the way love the name. thanks slim
  3. tgal's Avatar
    Hey Slim! Sorry I am so late I seldom come over to the blog section! You need to post this stuff in the forums! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Congrats for your daughter!!! Takes good parenting and not just a good kid to get that!
  4. slim's Avatar
    hey tgal , as you can see I still cant remember how to post this on the forum. So can you message it to me . thanks for the congats on my daughter and dont uncross those fingers , i really want this medication to work, so i can have less flares. how have you been? Im hoping you have been in less pain and have less stress. have a nice night and ill keep you posted on the Benlysta. hugs slim
  5. tgal's Avatar
    Hey Slim,

    When you get to the main page find the place that says "Lauries Lounge" or "Medicines". click on that and you will see (top right of the page) it says POST NEW THREADS. Click on that and it will open up to a blank page and you just type like you do here. If you want me to post it for you in the main page let me know. I will be happy to do it!