Dealing with the brain fog is all about the preparation...or lack thereof

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So the holiday I've been planning for the past 6 months is finally happening this weekend when I head off to Europe. I was starting to get so excited until I started to think about all the little things I need to do to be organised. I've been experiencing the brain fog quite badly over the past few months but these past few weeks it has become very detrimental to my cause. My partner has been telling me for weeks to organise travel insurance which I thought was as easy as heading to my private health fund and buying it, of course with the added premium of having a pre-existing medical condition. Turns out that it doesn't work like that and now because of the 5 day long weekend, tomorrow morning I am forced to rush to the doctors and have him sign a medical form, drop it to my private health fund and then get to work to deal with all the joys a 5 day weekend brings in the world of child protection...all of this 3 days before I leave. Did I mention that the private health fund takes 48 hours to assess whether they will cover your pre-existing medical condition??

Then today I realised in my bag of tricks (also known as my medicine bag) that I had run out of warfarin and wouldn't have enough steroids or plaquenil to last me for the holiday. So $100, a thousand questions by the nosey girl that works at the pharmacy and 1 hour later I finally had my medication sorted out. Only to come home and realise that I have no idea where my horrid anti-DVT stockings are and I am now dreading entering the junk room that is my spare bedroom to try and find these.

Just to add to the fun of the irritating brain fog that I am experiencing right now, I have 2 days to sort out my case load at work and 3 days to make sure I have literally taken every single precaution to ensure I remember EVERYTHING I need for my trip!

Here is me hoping that the brain fog lifts tomorrow morning!!
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Have fun Nat.... I am interested in knowing how you coped with the long plane trip because I am going to Darwin for a work conference in July, and I am not sure how I am going to cope with the long flight, not to mention the hours sitting in meetings for 3/4 days.

    Make sure you have heaps of fun, as well as take heaps of pain killers
  2. Nat's Avatar
    Thanks Linda - will definitely fill you in about the plane trip when I get back. I'm not looking forward to it at all, I'm preparing myself with loose clothes etc so I'm comfortable. The second leg will be the worst because its 13 hours!!! Hopefully you'll be right for Darwin. I've only traveled inside of Aust since being diagnosed with the clots but haven't traveled with lupus before so will see how it goes! I've got my endone and prednisolone on standby hopefully I wont need either!!