Another day

A new begining

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What a great day to start anew. Happy Easter to all who believe.

It seems as if everyday I say "Okay, today is the day I will eat better, be nicer to people, exercise, take all my meds, blah blah blah. "

But then I hurt and when I hurt I have so little patience for others. When I'm tired and someone whines about how they went to bed late and now their tired I want to SCREAM and tell them what TIRED really feels like.

I want to share with them all the problems I have just that day alone.
But, I don't, I sit in silence because even though I have Lupus, etc... I know there is someone else that has my same problems only worse. So to those my Lupie friends I Pray.

I wanted to start writing so I could vocalize my thoughts. I don't want to complain to family and friends because I don't want them to worry.

But some times it's good to to be a big baby and cry to yourself
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  1. Kelly Kent's Avatar
    Amen! You and I are in the same boat, as non-complainers. We know we suffer more than most, but that experience brings more awareness that there are so many people that suffer significantly more, especially in less developed countries and in those with even more serious illnesses and injuries. Me personally, I am always grateful.

    So with our ability to be strong and not whine, comes such irritation with those who need to complain about everything. Every single time I log onto Facebook, my feed is littered with friends complaining about every little cold or headache. It takes so much willpower not to respond saying "Try a one-migraine-a-day minimum or getting through the day when it feels like all of your bones are breaking, you baby!". LOL. But really, you are not alone. And thanks for venting, it made me feel better about my similar experiences