Feeling good!

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Since being diagnosed with SLE last year I've found myself feeling relatively lucky. Not the most common reaction to a diagnosis such as this but its true...In May 2010 I started to get some strange pains in my hands and sore fingertips. A colleague I worked with at the time said to me out of the blue "maybe you have lupus, a friend of mine has it and that's how her's started". I basically shrugged it off but as the pain started to come more often I went to the docs. Got tested for RA, came up negative. I started to get strange feelings in my legs and then it moved to my arms and shoulders and got to the stage where i was struggling to walk. During this time I stopped taking Warfarin for the blood clots in my lungs I'd developed 6 months earlier. 2 weeks after stopping I developed more clots in my lungs and during my admission to hospital they found out I had SLE. All of this happened in the period of ONE MONTH! Mind you it didnt get under full control for about a further 3 weeks, all of which i spent bed ridden either at home or in hospital.
Every time i read posts on here about how long people have suffered with this disease i find myself feeling such sympathy for these people but also being so thankful that i didn't have to go through the same.
It is coming up about one year since my diagnosis and even though I've had to make a few changes in my life (mainly because of the medication) I find myself thinking more and more about how lucky I have actually been: short period of experiencing symptoms before a diagnosis, AMAZING doctors (although there have been some less than fabulous ones along the way), an ability to still work full time and having a job where my bosses are so understanding of what I have to go through and last but definitely not least...a family and group of friends who have given me so much support over the last year, I wonder what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life.

Anyway given I'm feeling positive right now thought I'd share this with everyone and pass on some positive thoughts too
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  1. Linda From Australia's Avatar
    Of course you have a wonderful life, friends and family. They are all in Perth!!!!
  2. bunny28's Avatar
    I love hearing the good. I too feel relatively lucky when reading so many posts. My symptoms have so far been more what I would call annoying (or painful) than truly dangerous. I have had good care since my diagnosis (only a few months ago) and for the first time in a long time feel pretty good. We need to share the highs...and the positive thoughts. I wish everyone at least one day of feeling "good" in the next little while and more if at all possible.
  3. Nat's Avatar
    Bunny - glad you've been feeling good too, I think we feel so crappy sometimes its good to hear when others are doing so well.