I wanted to see something that's different...

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Nothing seems to go as planned. Sometimes that is good, sometimes not so much. I find myself faced with this more and more as life goes forward. I'm still expected to function at a normal level even though my body doesn't always want to. I can't plan for the days I will feel good, I have to take it as it comes. Deal with the bad days as they come. I can't plan for them. I can't expect them, when I think I'll have a good day it isn't always the day i think it will be. I have been struggling with the fatigue this disease seems to grace us with on most days. Some days it is present more then others but it seems to always be around. I was struggling with it quite a bit last week but seemed to get through it. This seems an ever changing lifestyle, an ever ending adjustment that you can never get use to. I've always had a problem to change. I've never liked it or gotten use to it happening. it's never been my friend. With this disease it seems to make an appearance more and more though and I find myself trying to be ok with this. Be ok with the adjustments and the changes that come along in this life. As many of you may have read I'm in the middle of planning a wedding, I'm getting ready to move, I've been unemployeed for alittle over a year due to my health and am just starting
to get back into the working world and hoping that will go smoothly and well. It will be helpful financially and will take a bit of stress away in that area so I am hoping it will work out for the best. It seems a year of change and a lifetime of adjustments that I have got to be ok with. I have to learn to deal with and get better at coping with. It's always going to happen. I'm hoping I can cope with the bad days even though I can't plan them. Even though you can't plan life or the things in it, I hope I can get better at dealing with them. Everything in life is ever changing, evolving and constantly moving. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. But it always is. I just have to learn to be ok with it.

"I'm taking a chance this could be different this could be all I'm waiting for..I wanted to see something that's different. Something you say would change in me"
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