Exhausted overactive mind, I hate sleepless nights

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My day is shot, all my plans may be for naught. this really is miserable. I'm still going to try and cook and bake this afternoon, but then I'll have overdone and tomorrow will be worse. I don't know if I couldn't sleep because of my pain or my overactive mind that tends not to shut down. I just hate being like this. I'm going to get my the big garden tub and soak my body in the hot water. Take some more pain killers and maybe I'll survive the day. I just don't know..............

Best not to think about it..... come what may, it comes.
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  1. Peridot20_Gem's Avatar
    Hi Nonna,
    I hope that soak in the garden tub relaxed mate, nearest i go to a tub is the
    I do hope you've been able to sleep better and been carmer.

    Love Terri x